Apple and Raspberry Pi a Sweeter Development?

Apple Raspberry Pi

Recently I wrote about the new Raspberry Pi 400 and how it could be used for remote learning on a budget. During my testing so far, I have found that mainstream support for the apps most would use day to day is currently not where it should be. Today I ask, does the move to…

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Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster Build – Part 1

home lab featured

UPDATE 13/08/20: Updated post to reflect the more recent addition of the Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB and SSD Storage to the list. When I wrote my goals post for this first quarter, I mentioned that I wanted to start a home lab project for a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster. In this series of posts, I…

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5 Goals for Q1 2020


In my last post I talked about taking on some passion projects and generally trying to do a bit more of the things I enjoy doing. To that end I am going to set myself quarterly goals to try and motivate myself and allow for measurable, incremental improvement. So, here are my 5 Goals for…

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