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Blog Posts

8th April 2019
Cloud Field Day

Cloud Field Day 5

The week has finally arrived, I will be attending Cloud Field Day 5 in California. This will be my first full Field Day event and I […]
18th March 2019
Home Office Setup

Mid-March – Where did that come from?

Well it seems like this year has crept up on me pretty fast, it is already mid-March and I don’t know where the time has gone! […]
23rd October 2018

Insight Wrap-Up: Day 1

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, NetApp Insight kicked off in Las Vegas with a slightly different feel this year. With the new schedule and […]
13th October 2018
NetApp Insight 2018 Logo

Road to NetApp Insight 2018

Introduction Well it’s fast approaching that time of year again, in just over a week (22nd October) we will be kicking off NetApp Insight 2018 in […]
4th August 2018

Changes, Conferences & Community

After some last-minute decisions this week I wanted to write about one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in the IT industry, community. The last […]
1st August 2018

NetApp ONTAP AI – Introduction & Resources

AI: Fiction vs. Reality Artificial Intelligence is something I’ve long had an interest in, mostly from a sci-fi perspective but increasingly in the real-world applications available. […]