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Blog Posts

19th November 2020
Apple Raspberry Pi

Apple and Raspberry Pi a Sweeter Development?

Recently I wrote about the new Raspberry Pi 400 and how it could be used for remote learning on a budget. During my testing so far, […]
10th November 2020
silicon image

Unprecedented Demand or a Broken Industry?

It’s launch day for the next generation Xbox and one of the few purchases this year that I might get on release. This got me thinking, […]
3rd November 2020
Raspberry Pi 400 Kit

Raspberry Pi 400 First Look

I take a first look at the Raspberry Pi 400 computer kit, would this make the ideal remote learning device for 2020 and beyond?
2nd October 2020

Nebulon Shadow Storage

Recently I attended Storage Field Day 20, as delegates we were lucky enough to get an early insight into cloud defined storage start-up Nebulon. In this […]
27th July 2020

Project Lockdown: Pimping out the home office

Coronavirus changed the way we all work, Project Lockdown is all about how I adjusted to working from home for the forseeable future! See all the kit I used
15th May 2020
VMware Cloud on AWS Overview

VMC on AWS: 5 reasons you should give a damn!

A few weeks ago, I attended a virtual Field Day event, Cloud Field Day 7. We had several presentations from VMware focusing on VMware Cloud on […]