What is NetApp Astra?


Now that I am settled in my new role, I wanted to briefly touch on the Astra family of products and introduce what they are and what they do. This will allow me to set the scene a little as I move forward into some of the individual components of modern application stacks and deployments.…

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NetApp INSIGHT is going on tour!

London View Thames

This week we see NetApp INSIGHT hit the road and start the EMEA tour, first up is London. They have three events between now and the end of March hitting London, Paris and finishing up in Berlin. These are smaller 1-2-day events bringing the highlights from INSIGHT Vegas 2019 and more region-specific content to each…

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Mid-March – Where did that come from?

Home Office Setup

Well it seems like this year has crept up on me pretty fast, it is already mid-March and I don’t know where the time has gone! I haven’t written anything here at all this year and wanted to provide a little update on what has been happening and also what is coming up in the…

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Insight Wrap-Up: Day 1


I’ll keep this one short and sweet, NetApp Insight kicked off in Las Vegas with a slightly different feel this year. With the new schedule and no opening general session there hasn’t been a great deal to talk about, but I don’t think that is a bad thing. Today has been more focused on welcoming…

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Road to NetApp Insight 2018

NetApp Insight 2018 Logo

Introduction Well it’s fast approaching that time of year again, in just over a week (22nd October) we will be kicking off NetApp Insight 2018 in Las Vegas. As you can imagine there is a lot to cover with such a big event, so this is a fairly long post, but keep reading as there…

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NetApp ONTAP AI – Introduction & Resources

AI: Fiction vs. Reality Artificial Intelligence is something I’ve long had an interest in, mostly from a sci-fi perspective but increasingly in the real-world applications available. When you think AI, you are more likely to think about the likes of Terminator or Person of Interest than you are of what is possible today. I personally…

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