VMC on AWS: 5 reasons you should give a damn!

VMware Cloud on AWS Overview

A few weeks ago, I attended a virtual Field Day event, Cloud Field Day 7. We had several presentations from VMware focusing on VMware Cloud on AWS. In future posts I will get into the more detailed aspects, however I wanted to start out with a few hot takes. This gives me a chance to…

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Mid-March – Where did that come from?

Home Office Setup

Well it seems like this year has crept up on me pretty fast, it is already mid-March and I don’t know where the time has gone! I haven’t written anything here at all this year and wanted to provide a little update on what has been happening and also what is coming up in the…

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Changes, Conferences & Community

After some last-minute decisions this week I wanted to write about one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in the IT industry, community. The last year has been challenging for me and I’ve made a lot of changes across all aspects of my life. The community around me has been a great constant and…

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