About Me

Who is The Data Centre Brit?

I am Jason Benedicic, technology professional and content creator based out of Cambridge, UK. Spending most of my now 20+ year IT career in and out of various Data Centre facilities, I decided to put that together and The Data Centre Brit was born.

My aim with this site is to help provide insight into the ever changing trends in both enterprise and consumer technology, take a look at the future and understand where the market is heading, but most importantly its about education. I spent the vast majority of my career learning from others that shared their experiences with the world, I hope that in some small way I can give back and help the next person.

Currently I work as a Technologist at NetApp, covering the Astra family of products. This fits in well with my own personal journey over the last few years, as the industry has changed, I too have had to transition my skill sets from more traditional infrastructure to containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native application deployments.

I have also worked as a consultant, industry analyst, and writer over the years. The wide range of customers and assignments has given me a great level of insight to the industry as a whole. I haved worked with organisations across a broad spectrum of disciplines including analysis, auditing, design, implementation, strategy, and cost optimisation.

Skilled in designing and building public cloud services, and private/hybrid cloud infrastructure. I also have experience in Agile processes, the Software Development Lifecycle, DevOps and CI/CD, architecture (software and hardware), and streamlining business processes for automation.

Outside of the enterprise I am a general technology enthusiast, and you can find me building anything from a home automation Raspberry Pi cluster to a custom water-cooled PC with all the latest and greatest components.

In my free time I can be found gaming, from classic tabletop games to online RPGs and first-person shooters, or cycling, either on my Peloton bike or out on the roads of Cambridgeshire. I am also an elected member of the local town council.