NetApp INSIGHT is going on tour!

This week we see NetApp INSIGHT hit the road and start the EMEA tour, first up is London. They have three events between now and the end of March hitting London, Paris and finishing up in Berlin. These are smaller 1-2-day events bringing the highlights from INSIGHT Vegas 2019 and more region-specific content to each of the cities.

As it is too late to register for London right now there is no point me giving you all the details for that, but there is still time for Paris and Berlin so head on over to the INSIGHT website for more details on those events.

However, fear not, there are still ways you can get involved with all the action at INSIGHT London this week, with the all new INSIGHT+ Live Stream. I along with a bunch of the NetApp A-Team and Nick Howell (Global Field CTO, Cloud Data Services) will be bringing you all the action live from the show floor.

NetApp INSIGHT+ Banner

We will kick off with the morning keynote simulcasted across various platforms and then switch over to the dedicated livestream for the rest of the day over on YouTube. You will be able to get our thoughts and feedback on the general sessions, see customer interviews and get product and strategy updates from several execs attending the conference.

The keynote livestream will start at 09:15 GMT on Tuesday 4th February 2020. You can watch via the following platforms:


In celebration of this I have decided to give away an Elgato Stream Deck to raise awareness of the livestream event and to highlight the ongoing work Nick Howell is doing with Twitch livestreaming (more on that later). All you need to do is use the Gleam widget below to enter, the more actions the more entries, it is that simple.

I will run the competition until the end of INSIGHT in Berlin and after that announce the winner on twitter. I’ll cover the postage to get it to you as well. The Elgato Stream Deck may seem like a rather strange choice for a prize as I am sure many of you don’t stream that often (neither do I). However, this is one of those can be used for anything kind of gadgets, you can program each of the keys and they are highly customisable. Check out the developer documentation here.

Maybe you can use it for an IoT project, for automating your lab environment or any other use case you can think of. If you already have one and are using it for something interesting, please feel free to reach out and let me know. Perhaps I can integrate one into my homelab project at a later stage.

What about the other events?

As soon as I have more details on what additional activities, we have going on for INSIGHT Paris and Berlin I will update this post and get all the information out. We will likely see more livestreaming of content throughout the INSIGHT tour and with all going well, in Vegas later this year.

Why Livestreaming?

You may well think that livestreaming is reserved for gaming content and with its origins well and truly embedded there you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that. Over the years there has been huge investment from tech giants in livestreaming platforms, Amazon own Twitch, Microsoft own Mixer and as has long been the case, Google have YouTube.

Each of these platforms are breaking out from just the gaming side of content, delivering real-time interactive content of all varieties to audiences all over the world. I often watch the latest developments from AWS on Twitch.

This method of consuming content resonates well in a world where we are used to instant feedback and interacting with the content we consume. Bringing livestreaming into our field allows for communities to learn together, to ask questions, to provide answers and to get involved with the projects undertaken.

To that end, Nick Howell has been streaming regularly for the last few months, covering his journey from infrastructure guy to working with cloud native technologies. I highly recommend looking at the back catalogue over on twitch and tuning in when he next goes live (usually 17:00 GMT on Fridays).

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